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At EssentialArt, we are more than just a non-profit organization selling art and art products. Our story is one of determination, creativity, and a deep passion for promoting education through art. Founded by Michelle Finnegan, EssentialArt began as a way to filter out requests and focus on her mission of promoting education through art. Michelle's journey began with writing and producing her first independent film, winning "Best in Show" for her children's book cover art, and establishing three scholarship funds from the proceeds of her art and books.
Today, EssentialArt is a symbol of hope and progress, supporting dozens of local, national, and international organizations through the power of art. By buying art from EssentialArt, you not only add a beautiful and meaningful piece to your collection but also contribute to a larger mission of promoting education and supporting non-profit organizations. Join us in this journey towards progress and support our non-profit organization today.


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Connect with us and learn more about how EssentialArt promotes education through art. Whether you're interested in our books, Prints of Freedom, or art services, we would love to hear from you!