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The Essential Art organization is a non-profit that has been committed to promoting education through art for twenty-four years in Naples. Founded by Michelle Finnegan, the company has created various art programs, events, and auctions for people of all ages to help inspire their imagination and cultivate their creative sides. Essential Art appeals to a wide audience by organizing art shows and art auctions and selling art prints and books that enable people to explore their creative sides. 

The company also raises funds for its community programs by selling or donating art and creative productions such as TV and radio commercials that benefit non-profit organizations and the community at large. By purchasing art from Essential Art, you are helping to support art education, which helps to create an educated community that is capable of changing the world. Our slogan, “Be Essential”, encourages people to use the power of their imaginations to create something special that can have a lasting impact on society.

In today’s commercial world, art is often overlooked. However, it can provide important benefits to individuals and our society. Buying art supports not only the artist but also non-profit organizations. Purchasing one of Essential Art’s art pieces can be an investment that goes a long way towards having an impact on the communities served by the organization. Not only will the buyer enjoy the artwork, but the money spent will help to ensure the continued success of Essential Art’s mission.

They won "Best in Show" for that original work of art which is the cover art for michelle's children's book "Creating Freedom Rocks" which raised money for a memorial scholarship for Alyce "Sandy" Nash, WWII officer who chose to study art after war and ultimately was founding curator of Artis-Naples.

Whether you are looking to support Essential Art or just start exploring your creative side, we invite you to join us as we strive for a more creative and educated community. For more information or to make a purchase, contact the Essential Art team. Together, we can make a difference and “Be Essential”.


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